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A Private Practice

"To further this goal, Martinez Hsu, P.C. strives to keep an open and consistent line of communication with its clients to better facilitate their legal needs as they may arise. "

Martinez Hsu, P.C. was founded in 2013 by attorneys An Lee Hsu and Michael S. Martinez. Located in the heart of the DFW Metropolitan area, our firm works with both companies and individuals.  Our clients are based in Texas, New Mexico, Florida, and even Taiwan and China.  We take a global approach to each of our clients, serving everything from their extensive corporate legal needs to their more intricate and personal individual legal needs.  
Furthermore, our firm is equipped and fluent in English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese. We work to provide the most consistent and attentive attorney-client relationship that we can.Our firm philosophy begins with dedication to our clients. After experiencing the firm culture that is prevalent at some larger firms, shareholders An Lee, and Michael were determined to design a private practice where each particular client, whether corporate or individual, would receive more individualized attention. To further this goal, Martinez Hsu, P.C. strives to keep an open and consistent line of communication with its clients to better facilitate their legal needs as they may arise. In our corporate practice, we strive to cater to each corporation’s growing needs. We have worked with numerous corporate clients from inception to success as an established company. Such corporate areas of practice include litigation, corporate formation, corporate restructuring, tax planning, risk mitigation, compliance, contracts, mergers/acquisitions and purchase/sale.Our individual practice is molded to suit any legal situation, no matter how delicate they may be. Such areas of practice include family law and general litigation

Practice Areas

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Civil Litigation

Our attorneys have experience in civil litigation, including cases involving breach of contract, tortious interference, land disputes, fraud, corporate defense, oil and gas litigation. Our litigation process is designed to streamline most complex matters to better minimize litigation costs of the client. Furthermore, during and after litigation, the firm continues to counsel our clients on minimizing and mitigating potential claims against our clients.

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Corporate & Securities

Without a doubt, corporate law seems to be the most daunting of legal matters. From simple contracts to complex acquisitions, our firm has handled a wide range of different matters regarding real property, oil and gas, foreign investment, securities laws, risk mitigation, and a multitude of complex corporate matters.

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Family Law

Family law can often be an emotionally-charged issue. Although the pathways to a fair and equitable outcome can seem reachable, such cases can be drawn out as a result of emotions. We strive to streamline the process and provide honest and impartial advice while advocating for your rights. No family is identical to any other family, and therefore each case is unique. We aim to provide legal services suitable just for your situation.

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Insurance & Construction Law

When disaster strikes, property owners need a strong advocate with in-depth knowledge of both the insurance process and construction needs. [...]

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