Corporate & Securities

Without a doubt, corporate law seems to be the most daunting of legal matters. From simple contracts to complex acquisitions, our firm has handled a wide range of different matters regarding real property, oil and gas, foreign investment, securities laws, risk mitigation, and a multitude of complex corporate matters.

Our attorneys have experience in corporate structuring & formations, mergers, sales, acquisitions, oil and gas related matters, international and domestic contracts, and regulated asset purchases. Did you know that proper corporate structuring can help reduce overhead or decrease tax consequences? Working through these issues with our attorneys helps address current and prospective questions.

Whether you are starting a new business or operate an established corporate entity, we cater to your corporate needs by providing an affordable strategy for addressing existing or ongoing legal matters. Our firm also works with many high-risk-industry businesses to establish effective business practices by consulting individually with owners and shareholders alike.

Hire the right attorney to represent you.